New video lovelies

Hey there guys!

I have a pretty random vlog for you all today!! Its pretty much just my Wednesday! Which was super hectic, I got my tattoo finished, which hurt like a bitch! But it looks so amazing, ill insert a pic for you :)

Hope you have a super awesome day!

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People of the Internet!


Here is my first video, it’s shit, I’ll be honest. BUT the good news is: my new camera should be here tomorrow and I’ll make a storyline for all you beautiful people!!! 

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I bid you good day!

I made a thing


This is my first properly (well kinda) edited YouTube video. It’s pretty boring! I’m waiting to get my new camera this week so I can share more of my life.


I will definitely be making a video describing and detailing my struggle with depression and anxiety. I have struggled for years and I want to make my story known.

Well enjoy my adventures and I hope you all come along for the ride with me.


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Creepers and losing friends


Now guys, I’ve done a lot of creeping in my life. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but i’m not obvious about it. I don’t creep and leave evidence.

So there’s this girl, who was one of my best friends until last year when she decided to turn her back on me for no goddamn reason. She gave no reason, no warning, it was BAM CUT OFF. Now this happened after I moved out of her place where her and her partner allowed me to stay for very reasonable rent and helped me out of a shitty situation. I never took advantage, I cleaned, I paid my rent on time, I even bought her things off eBay etc that I thought she would like. Oh and I bought her a $100 Black Milk jersey just because I knew she wanted one and i was really appreciative of her and the fact she let me stay there with her for a few months.

The day I left, literally the minute I DROVE AWAY, she blocked me on everything. I didn’t get why because I was the model freaking housemate for 6 odd months.

It hurt.

Been friends since high school and now theres nothing, until last night! I checked my Twitter (@julzburns) and boom, she’s following me. She’s not very active on twitter but she did post one thing, her “upcoming events”, so fun things she’s doing over the next few months. Do I care, no. I’m wondering why the sudden interest in my life? Why show off? Why?

I’m gonna assume that since these (my blog posts) are posted to my Twitter I’m gonna say this for all to see. I am not jealous of anyones life. I have an amazing life at the moment. I’m doing what I love, I’m travelling and I have an amazing boyfriend and best of all Jenna fucking Marbles follows me on twitter.

So a lesson for the creepers out there. I don’t care about your life, please don’t care about mine because I am happy. Don’t leave tracks, and fuck off.

Now I’m gonna go eat.

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YouTube channel

Ive decided to make a YouTube channel to share my experience with depression and my life from now on. 

I feel as though I am at my lowest point right now. I am a student, I’m a full time carer for my mother and I have depression. 

I would love some support so check out my first video which is essentially telling you how I feel today, I filmed it on my phone and I’m going to make another video tomorrow to tell everyone a bit more about myself 

This is my first video so please watch, like and subscribe. 

The Rise and Fall of Julz
I’ve had an interesting life and I will be sharing stories and also will be vlogging.

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What’s your favourite scary movie?


annnnd yes I said the cliche from Scream but honestly, what’s your favourite scary movie?? 

Over the past few weeks I’ve been rewatching some classics and some newbies and I thought I’d compile a list of some good scares

Here are my 5 favs! 

Starting at 5

The Scream franchise

These are hilarious and not that scary but are a great watch. In them they talk about scary movies and the traditional way they work, all while they are being killed off left, right and centre. Go Ghostface. How Sidney Prescott continues to be a target, I don’t know BUT she kept those movies alive enough to make 4 movies. Go Neve Campbell! Only downside is, if you’ve seen scary movie 1 then you cannot take these seriously AT ALL. 



So Halloween has Michael Myers, disturbed kid, disturbed adult. He hunts down everyone and kills them. Now this has the ORIGINAL scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis. That’s all I need in a movie. 


Evil Dead (the remake)

This has nothing on the originals BUT it is gory, makes you jump and is all around a great watch. The characters are great and it’s creepy from the get go.


Cabin in the woods

Joss Whedon, must I say more? Completely out of the box, different and gore plus. I love everything about this movie. Betting on how people will die? What will kill them? Brilliant. I feel bad that the mermen didn’t get unleashed on the kids cause that would have been pretty awesome. At least the guy got to see the mermen in the end. The spontaneous arrival of Sigourney Weaver, that was cool.



All I can say about this movie is, what the actual fuck! This movie has it all. Demon, creepy kids and Ethan Hawke. It has no happy ending and all in all makes you want to cry. That doesn’t mean I’m not excited for sinister 2. This movie is over and above creepy and I love it. When a horror movie actually does its job and scares me, then I’m satisfied. The subtle creepy things in this movie are what get you and seriously make you jump out of your seat.
That concludes today’s post on movies. 

I hope you take my suggestions and check these out. 

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Peace outttttt


Lack of posts

My life the past few weeks has been full of unreal and shit moments all rolled into one.

I usually blog my stress away but even constructing a sentence is difficult. Someone come whisk me away? Otherwise I’m going to curl into my hole and not move for a few weeks.

Being this anxious and depressed is scary, I’m scared one day I’m going to snap and just leave this planet. 

Help cheer me up with something happy and motivating.