50 Random Questions tag!

its me

Good evening lovers!

I made a video this evening just with 50 random questions about me!

Go and give it a watch it will give you an insight into my life a little.

Im getting more comfortable in front of the camera so its good :D

I hope you enjoy

Be happy


Smiley face peace fingers against the sky

Well I know Tuesday is nearly at its end but I wanted to share with you a video I made today just full of stuff I liked in July. It isn’t amazing! I’m still not used to talking on camera, my make up is horrible lol and yeah its pretty average. Go check it out and subscribe to my channel. I’m going to try and set up a special little area to do my videos in and work on my editing a bit more.

Life is getting better for me just with everything in general. I have a new man in my life and he’s great! I’m getting on top of personal issues and most of all, I am dealing with my anxiety.

Anxiety is a horrendous thing to have and working through it is hard. I do still find it hard to function some days but I am getting better and I am getting the treatment I need. Though while writing this I just realised I missed a therapy appointment I was meant to have this morning, for some reason I thought it was tomorrow but oh well shit happens.

I’ll reschedule.

Hope you guys had or are having an amazing day!

Peace out

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Happy Tuesday!

While I’m catching up on Scream The TV show (thank you MTV) you should go and watch my beautiful and gorgeous furry felines in my little video I made just so I could play around with iMovie. 

Meet my felines!
I’d love to get some subscribers and some views before I start with my life story because I want some support.

Many of you know I suffer from depression and that stems from many things that happened to me while I was growing up. I want to share my story because I just know it will help other out there. 

I shouldn’t be here, but I am and I want to spread the word that it does get better and I am going to do that on YouTube. 

I love all of my followers on here and I’d love you more if you hit the subscribe button and help me gain the confidence to speak about my life.
Peace out guys

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Sunday smooth beats

gab aplin

I used to do this every Sunday on my channel and put up my favourite song of the week, so I’m gonna start doing that again! Woohoo!

This week we have a chilled out, deep bass number that I adore! When it hits the 2:30 mark it just sounds so amazing! I love Gabrielle Aplin and all of her stuff remixed is just amazing so check it out.

So rip the panic cord and give it a listen

Peace out baes

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Cats take over Sunday!


So I’m into this video thing but I’m waiting for my tripod to arrive so I can actually film myself. Until then I’m making random videos using my phone.

They are just shorts giving you a little bit of insight into my world.

Todays video is brought to you by my cats, Bella and Maddi.

They wanted to be the stars of the show!

So yeah check out my video, my cats will be your friends and I will also like you all a bit more.

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Much love

New video lovelies

Hey there guys!

I have a pretty random vlog for you all today!! Its pretty much just my Wednesday! Which was super hectic, I got my tattoo finished, which hurt like a bitch! But it looks so amazing, ill insert a pic for you :)

Hope you have a super awesome day!

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People of the Internet!


Here is my first video, it’s shit, I’ll be honest. BUT the good news is: my new camera should be here tomorrow and I’ll make a storyline for all you beautiful people!!! 

So go watch, like and subscribe!

I bid you good day!

I made a thing


This is my first properly (well kinda) edited YouTube video. It’s pretty boring! I’m waiting to get my new camera this week so I can share more of my life.


I will definitely be making a video describing and detailing my struggle with depression and anxiety. I have struggled for years and I want to make my story known.

Well enjoy my adventures and I hope you all come along for the ride with me.


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