Morning face routine


Hello hello hello

I thought today’s blog could be about my morning skin care routine. I am pretty on top of my face cleaning game. I hate having gross skin so I ensure I cleanse my face morning and night, use moisturiser and night cream and eye cream. My face regime in the morning differs from my nightly one so my next blog will be about my nightly routine.

The products I use are perfect for my skin, I found the perfect combo via much experimentation. Use what you find is good for your skin. So here we go.

To begin with I will say I have combination to oily skin and I very rarely get blemishes and pimples.

So first thing I do is wet my face with a face washer and warm water then apply my Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser ($10.99-200ml). This is oil free and deeply cleaning. It leaves the face soft and with an amazing clean feeling (which some washes don’t do). I love the tingling feeling of this product as I can tell its doing it’s job and keeping my pores clean and free from dirt and other nasties.

Now we have 2 ways to go from here.

The first is if I am going to be applying makeup and going to college or out for the day. I grab my Clean and Clear Essentials Oil Control Toner ($6.49-100ml) and apply it all over with a cotton wool pad and I let that dry. I will then grab my Clean and Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel ($8.99-10g) and apply that to any spots I do happen to have. This stuff takes the redness straight out of any blemishes and is really targeted and a great product to have on hand. The last step is my Clean and Clear Essentials Moisturiser ($7.99-100ml). This is oil free and very light on the skin and makes your skin feel lovely and soft and ready for the day. Then from there I give myself 10 minutes and grab a cup of tea before I start applying my makeup so that my skin has absorbed the moisturiser and is left nice and soft and clean.

Now for my lazy day at home. After I have washed my face I simply pat it dry and grab my real-U CONTROL + Face gel ($50-100ml) and just apply that. It has no bad stuff like Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide and is a nice product to just apply and wear around the house to let your skin breathe.

And lastly always ensure you take care of your lips with a little Rosebud Salve. This stuff is gorgeous and hydrating but the best bit is it smells like roses!

So there we have it! My morning facial routine.

Hope you enjoyed it! I will put a link to where you can grab these products if you wish to buy them :)

Have a great weekend guys <3


Where to buy:

Clean and Clear|Biore – Priceline Australia


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Apps on my phone!!!


Good evening people of the internet!!! I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite apps that I have on my phone! So here are my 5 favourites :) and its not going to be the standard social networking apps like Twitter, Insta, Facebook cause we all have those and know how they work. So i’ll let you guys know that I am an Apple person. I have an iPhone 6 so all these apps are available on the app store!

#1 SHAZAM- Okay if you don’t have Shazam then you are obviously living in the dark ages. This app is magic. You open it when you hear a song you don’t know, press the big button and SHAZAM! It brings up the song details, where to find it, the video and the lyrics. It even has a handy autoplay function where you set it to find songs as you go about your business. I find this great when I’m watching a show I love because if I love the show then there is a chance that i’ll love the music so I set autoplay on Shazam and sit my phone down beside me. Later on i’ll look through the list and go on a downloading spree and have some new music to explore and listen to.

#2 WEATHERZONE- Now I hate the iPhone standard weather. It is never accurate. Weatherzone is amazing because not only does it show the temperature from your closest weather station it includes the ‘feels like’ temperature, the humidity and has a radar for you to see if theres any rain on the way.

#3 CRACKED READER- You ever find yourself just bored and waiting and in the mood to read something light, then this is the app for you. Cracked Reader has articles on it that are done by some pretty awesome authors. They are comedic and light and just the perfect thing to read when you need to wait. There’s also Photoplasty on there which is some pretty hilarious user submitted photos. It’s all stuff that is recent from the website. Great reads.

#4 BUZZFEED- Buzzfeed has everything. News, videos, articles, quizzes, gossip. Self explanatory and a must have for anyone that wants to keep up to date on everything.

#5 ANGRY BIRDS- Okay so I suffer from insane panic attacks and there are times when I just cannot function. I cant speak, I am completely drowning in panic. I found a thing that helped me a lot. It didn’t require me talking, it required me using my finger to flick birds at pigs in a tower. This takes my mind off everything, I focus all my energy on Angry Birds and wait for the panic to subside. It’s such a stupid thing but it works. People around me now know to leave me alone when I’m playing Angry Birds so it is definitely one of my favourite apps.

So there you have it, a few things I have on my phone.

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Peace out boy scout

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aaaaand drumroll!

The Knocks - Dreaming

My top 5 on iTunes

1. Zella Day- Hypnotic

2.Marilyn Manson – Third day of a Seven day binge

3. Zella Day- East of Eden

4. Stromae Feat. Lorde, Pusha T, Q Tip, HAIM- Meltdown

5. Muse- Supermassive Black Hole

So that’s whats been blasting during my study sessions. Zella Day is my new obsession! Heard the song Hypnotic on The Vampire Diaries and it was one of those songs that fit the scene perfectly. I love when music matches the feel of the scene in a movie or a show perfectly. My dream job is to be a music director for cinema or TV. Putting that perfect song and music in the right places like connecting the dots and making everything meld into place.

So if anyone out there is hiring for the job ILL DO IT!


and with that, I bid you adieu

Peace out

What are your musical tastes?


As I add all my music to iTunes on my new computer it has me pondering what other peoples music tastes are. I am very eclectic, one minute I’m blasting Imagine Dragons and 5 minutes later I hear my Mum chuck on something like Dolly Parton so I will go dance around the living room singing along. Add in my crazy obsession with Gilbert and Sullivan (I will one day be able to sing I am the very model of a modern major general perfectly), I think my music choices are quite insane. Who else is like this? To me there is a song to mark each event, each stage of my life. I put on a song and I remember the first time I heard it and what was going on during that time. Music and memories go hand in hand.

So here’s a nice little thing I wanna do.

Go to your iTunes and look at your recently played list and comment with the top 5 songs.

I’ll post mine tomorrow for you all to see!

So get commenting and let me know!!!

I want some responses!! REBLOG and share this far and wide!!!!

Peace out guys!

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Happy Sunday fellow humans


Today I bring you SUNDAY BEATS BY JULZ!

This song has been stuck in my head ALL WEEK and I especially love this video as well because it’s by one of my favourite choreographers, Alexa Moffett. Also a shout out to the dancers at CLUB DANCE STUDIO, you guys are amazing!

This song is just upbeat and happy, everything you need on a Sunday.

So chill out and watch the video.

Whistle (While you work it) by Katy Tiz- Alexa Moffett Choreography


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Life Hacks


So in my 25 years on this earth i’ve picked up a few things that help make life easier so I thought I would share them with you.

#1 Don’t trust anyone with your make-up

#2 Dont trust anyone with your make-up

#3 Conditioner and water in a spray bottle still makes the best detangling/ smoothing spray for your hair

#4 If the top button of your jeans is too tight, grab a spare hairband and use it as an extender

#5 You can NEVER own too many plain singlet tops/ cami’s.

#6 You don’t have to buy specific scentsy melts to put in your warmer. Chuck in some essential oil, it wont explode.

#7 If you own a cat, make sure you have a large roll of masking tape around and use some wrapped sticky side out to get hair off your clothes.

#8 Always have lip balm when you leave the house. You never know when you will need it.

#9 If you’re going to the pool or beach or wearing your flip flops/thongs, take a bread clip or 2 in case they break.

#10 If you lend something to someone, take a photo of them with it. That way you know who has your shit.

#11 Use concealer on your cupids bow and lightly around your lips. It will accentuate your lips.


#13 Don’t waste your money on fiber lashes. Use some baby powder on a cotton tip and roll it along your lashes then aapply mascara.

#14 You can never own too many makeup brushes. Also clean your brushes weekly.

#15 Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are like the best things in the world, seriously google the uses.

#16 DIY Lip scrub = raw sugar and vaseline, put on lips VICTORY!

#17 When heating leftovers in the microwave space out a circle in the middle and they will heat up evenly.

#18 When you have a cold, PUT VICKS VAPOUR RUB ON YOUR FEET! That shit is magical when applied to feet!

#19 Unicorn slippers are for everyone.

Annnnnnnd thats all for today folks, thanks for tuning in to my random post of things I think make like easier.


My sister

I never see my sister anymore so I thought I’d write an entry about her just to remember the good times.

When I was little and I lived in a different state to my sister, I thought I was so cool because I had a big sister that was a teenager! I hated that she lived so far away and one day after getting into trouble  I remember I packed my bags and decided I was going to hitchhike to my big sister. I sat there and cried and just wanted my big sister.

As I got a bit older my sister used to flutter between living with us for a little bit then moving back to her Dads. I hated when she left. I loved when we would pick her up from the train station and she’d have like blue hair or something silly like that.

As I grew she grew as well. She became a Mum. She had her first daughter while she was living with us and this was a happy time yet a sad one because there were complications and my niece ended up in the big city in NICU. I was so happy I was an aunt! I was 8 and I was overjoyed. Thankfully my niece recovered but pretty soon they packed up and moved back to her Dads.

A few years went by and there was another baby on board for my sister. I was yet again overjoyed because the new baby was due around the same time as my birthday. I remember going down the the truck stop on the outskirts of town to use the payphone to call her. My birthday passed and no baby! Lo and behold the second one showed up the next day.

The next time my sister came to visit I was 11 and she had 2 gorgeous daughters who I adored (I was a bit jealous cause they were adorable and had all my sisters attention but I loved them like no other).

My sister taught me how to shave my legs and she even dyed my hair (big trouble for that one) then yet again she was off! Back to QLD and away from us.

When we decided to move to QLD I was so happy that I’d be near my sister and my nieces. I would have her there for everything.

As I grew into a teenager, her and I had our battles, yet to me, she was my big sister, my idol.

I remember lying on the carpet in her living room taking selfies, then when she make them into a scrapbooking page for her album I was overjoyed that she’d included me.

I remember getting scared of freddy movies and sleeping on a mattress on the floor in her and her husbands room.

I remember her moving in with us when she got divorced.

I remember her being there when I wanted to talk about boys.

I remember her threatening to run over this one boy I liked and him never recovering from the experience.

I remember being there when she went through another break up and watching nothing but E!

I remember her lecturing me on things that were silly at the time but make sense now.

I remember her being the best sister anyone could ask for.

My sister is currently having health problems and has 3 teenagers to deal with so we don’t speak as much.

I miss her but I know she’s still there.

So to Kate, Thank you for being my sister.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for loving me.

I love you.