Little bit fucking obsessed



So I have a confession (if you’ve seen my twitter and my facebook and also my phone backgrounds then you will already know) but I fucking love One Direction. I am 24 years old and I LOVE ONE DIRECTION.

Yes I know I should be ashamed but I AM NOT!!!!

Harry Styles is perfection, I like their music and I have paid mass amounts to go see them live.

I may or may not have the same tattoo as Harry on my chest, I may have song lyrics tattooed (FUCK YOU I LIKE THE DAMN SONG)

But yeah now I feel better that I’ve let that out onto the internet….forever.

My life goal is to have one of them message me on twitter lol

(not really, please don’t have me committed)455895280


crazy crazy fucking crazy


imageThis is really amazingly pretty! I’m going to go buy the stuff to make this tomorrow! For today though I made this beautiful beauty diary that I put all my tips and tricks that I find on the web or on the internet.

I love keeping everything in such cute little things that are hand made!

This is the stuff I used to make my little diary, Spirax book, scissors, glue stick, pretty pen and a few old issues of Cosmo!!!!


Okay it’s sleep time for me :)

Goodnight beautiful people <3

Shit I keep in my make up case (aka shit I use everyday to make myself look human)



Sooooooo hey guys! I thought I’d give you a little insight into what I keep in my day to day make up bag. If you are anything like me, you are a zombie when you don’t wear makeup. I personally hate wearing fucking makeup so I keep it as simple as possible in a way that will make it stay on all day. I’m even going to take some photos for you guys so you can see what it is and i’ll tell you where to get it etc. I might include myself in these photos, do not be scared- I have no makeup on, I just removed it.


So here it goes.

Lets start with the brushes I keep in my bag. I like to keep a kabuki brush, a MAC 239 eye-shadow brush, a small fan brush and a small blush brush. I like these brushes and you can find ones that you like as well.


So for my base I generally just use Rimmel BB cream in light. This stuff gives you great coverage for the day.


If you need a bit more coverage I like MAC Studio fix foundation but it’s not something I keep in my bag everyday.

I keep both a pressed powder and a translucent powder in my bag just because some days I need the pressed powder for a bit of extra coverage and to make me less zombie like. I love translucent powder because its light and just kinda of sets whatever I’m wearing.

The pressed powder I use is Australis, Fresh & Flawless. It is amazing.


I use Face of Australia Translucent powder.


I also keep a concealer in my bag in case I have the odd blemish (or massive breakout). I absolutely love Australis Conceal and Correct 4 in 1 palette. It is small and covers everything.


Onto adding some colour. I like to keep a few little eye shadows in my case. Just some basic colours like cream, nude, grey, light pink etc. You can mix these together in so many ways that it just give you that little bit of colour on the eyes.


For my eye liner I love love love Maybelline Master Smoky in Smoking charcoal. This handy little pencil has a built in smudger so you can do your liner either just lightly or quite big and dramatic (which I wouldn’t recommend for everyday cause you will look like a fool).


Mascara I use is just any black one I can find. I don’t keep a good one in my everyday case because it just runs out too fast. I have a MAC one for when I am going out and for special occasions but that shit can be expensive so yeah not for everyday use.

Okay now for my brows I use Maybelline Master Shape in Deep Brown (not dark brown DEEP brown, fucking make up companies and their ridiculous names for colours). This handy little thing has a eyebrow brush on the end so you can make your eyebrows look awesome.


So for my blush I have this little duo blush/bronzer I got from Chemist Warehouse. The brand is W7 and it was $4.99 and I love it. It is just perfect colours so you can contour a bit and add a nice peach colour to your cheeks.


Okay so moving on to lips. I have a fuck tonne of lipsticks so generally I just pick on at random and shove it in my makeup bag. at the moment I’m really into like bright pinks and corals (which is bizarre because like a month ago I was into black lips. Yeah I’m fucking retarded). At the moment I have 2 W7 ones, Cutie and Perfect Pink.


All this stuff I like to get from Chemist Warehouse because they ALWAYS have sales on and you can get some great stuff. Priceline is also a must stop shop as well. Grab yourself a Sister club card and earn the points because every quarter they send you a nice little gift voucher so you can go buy more crap :)

So yeah that’s whats in my fucking make up bag! Um yeah so now I’m going to go and watch YouTube stuff cause I’m just cool like that!


All opinions are my own and I’m not promoting anything specific.

Julz’ Guide to going to college in 10 easy steps


So guys, like most of you I attend college and it fucking sucks! I don’t get this whole “college is amazeballs attitude” I do not find it amazeballs but I fucking cope. Here are some tips to making the college life a bit easier. So here it is..

Step One- Pack your fucking books and laptop in a bag the night before. If you are anything like me, you hate mornings and can barely function. Also, if you’re a rich cunt buy a Macbook. These are perfect to just throw in a bag and carry for the day. I also find they stay charged for longer. So yeah overall point is GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Step Two- Stay up all night watching You Tube videos. I suggest Jenna Marbles (I swear we were separated at birth and I was shipped to Australia), Barely political parodies are good to waste time with as well, Bethany Mota if you’re into DIY shit, Tyler Oakley and of course Hannah Hart! (MyHarto).

Step Three- GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP! I think around 2 hours is standard for anyone to be able to retain any kind of knowledge.

Step Four- WAKE THE FUCK UP! (or sleep through your alarm).

Step Five- Attempt to make yourself look presentable. In my case I need makeup or else I get questioned all da as to whether I’m feeling okay cause I look a little pale. (Spray tans help with this but that shit doesn’t stay on your face it’s like FUCK NO I DON’T WANT TO BE ON YOUR FACE CUNT!). I shove my hair into some sort of hairstyle that covers my hair extensions (Yes, I have fucking hair extensions- I want long hair but my hair wont grow alone, it needs help, leave me alone cunts).

Step Six- Get the largest travel mug you can lay your hands on and fill that bitch with as much coffee as possible.

Step Seven- Realize you are late as fuck, grab a drinkable yogurt and run out the door at high speed.

Step Eight- Drive as fast as you can avoiding as many school zones as you can and find a park as close as possible.

Step Nine- Make a high speed exit out of the car and run to your class.

Step Ten- Promptly set up your shit then put your head on the desk and fall asleep.

So that is what I go through nearly every day.
I seriously just fail at college.. or win? I really don’t know.
I’m passing so something must sink in while I’m snoring.

Okay so if any people out there actually read this I might make a video version so yeah



I just wrote a whole fucking post of awesomeness then FUCKING LOST IT SOMEHOW!
I’ll sum it up:

1.I moved back to the city and I like it
2.I’m at beauty school and wanna start another blog and do Jenna Marbles style YouTube tutorials but the AUSSIE VERSION! Teach people to do things “The Julz Way”


Also the awesome cityscape is Brisbane my motherfucking BEAUTIFUL HOMETOWN!

Capped fucking internet and other annoying things


If you find yourself living in regional Australia like me and can only get internet provided by Telstra, then you’d know my damn pain!!!


Come on Telstra, make your packages better. You guys are cunts. This slow internet is fucking annoying, this is slower than dial-up. ARgGGHHHGHGH.

Migraines. If you suffer from them chronically like I do, then you know my pain. I have had a migraine for a week now, it fucking hurts and is just fucking annoying as fuck. I plan to have a nice dinner party because with medication, my migraine is fairly manageable. Then my heads all like NOPE PAIN MEDS MEAN NOTHING HEAR ME ROAR!!! Forcing me to change the date of my dinner to tomorrow. I swear my friends probably think that I’m using it as an excuse to blow them off. I’m not, I swear!!!

People who have recently turned to religion in the hopes of getting a guy. This one is regarding one specific girl. She was fucking some dude who every now and then goes fuckwit insane and goes all Christian and preachy. She has decided to do the same in order to, I don’t know, MARRY THE FUCKING GUY!?!?! The main reason I’m sick of her shit though is, I posted a link to the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate on Facebook. This bitch comments saying that I need to find Jesus and that I am a bad person blah blah fucking blah. I have never found a Facebook delete button so fucking quick on this slow capped fucking internet!

On the upside, I am finally back on the grid with my new shiny gold iPhone. Thanks Telstra and Australia Post for taking A MONTH to get it to me.<sarcasm> You guys are brilliant. </sarcasm> Fuckwits

Oh oh oh oh ONE MORE THING

SCHAPELLE MOTHERFUCKING CORBY BITCH IS GUILTY AS FUCK!! I really do not care that she is getting parole. Bitch deserved the firing squad. Should be serving every second of her sentence. I don’t care that she’s a pretty white girl that had such a future ahead of her! She smuggled a fuckload of pot into a country she visited regularly and KNEW the penalties surrounding this offence. Don’t waste TV time, money or really anything covering her sob story of being locked up in a Balinese prison. Yes it was rough, you deserved it. 

and that ends tonight’s 1am rant


Late night TV



Good evening people of the internet!!!!

Tonight’s viewing is an oldish classic: Gilmore Girls.

I love it, The mother/daughter dynamic is that of which every girl wants. Rory’s life would be blissfully perfect to have. I myself would prefer to attend Harvard over Yale but that’s just my opinion. 

Everything from the overbearing grandparents to the humble people of Star’s Hollow make this show amazing. It is a perfect show to watch if you are feeling a little down. 

Now I wonder, where did Alexis Bledel go?? I love her as an actress and she is gorgeous! I hope she resurfaces in the mainstream film world again, I’d love to see that!

and now back to my Gilmore Girls marathon

Goodnight and thanks for coming!

P.s. I just googled Alexis Bledel and she is 31!!!!! Time passes so fast!